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Great Office Design Tips to Attract Workers

There were times when a workspace was only a designated space to complete 7.5 hours of work. Perhaps, things have changed in the current time especially when it comes to office design. 

Because great office design can manifold the work efficiency hence, office design must be the place where workers feel comfortable. In a true sense, the workplace should give workers a home-like vibe.

So when you invest in designing a perfect office space, you help in attracting the best talent to an organization. Not an easy task, as it appears to be. 

Don’t worry we will be sharing six great office design tips to attract workers and help you design perfect office interiors in Bangalore.

  • Use Subtle Color and a combination

As Picasso rightly said, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”.

Let’s be real, the color of office design has a phenomenal impact on energy, creativity, productivity, and focus. While designing an office, use neutral and eye-soothing colors to create a serene atmosphere for workers. The wall colors must infuse color with office furniture, the ceiling, and flooring. Because, such minuscule details impacts positively and contribute to mental health, good productivity, and improved physical health. 

  •  Natural Light is a good source of light

Natural lighting can be one of the important workplace qualities. While designing an office, make sure there is plenty of source of natural light as it enhances morale and increases workers’ productivity. 

Also, don’t use those flashy fluorescent lights, as they can have negative perceptions and ruin the aesthetic of the workplace. Also, while designing a workplace make sure there are plenty of open windows with ample natural lighting. 

  • Health is Wealth

Office design is a true reflection of how much you care about the well-being of your employees. Especially in cities like Bangalore, where hours are spent stuck in traffic jams and the body remains at rest. Office interior designers in Bangalore should focus on health more than anything.

Nowadays, offices have introduced standing desks to reduce the seating hours. While designing a workspace don’t forget to incorporate high desks with high stools. You can also designate space near the window so your workers can put their breaks to good use.

Also, stock up your office pantry with healthy munching options such as roasted makhana, mix seeds, and protein bars to show workers that you care about their health and wellbeing.

  • Create Homely Vibes

For an office space to be productive, it must strike the right balance between an appealing appearance, comfort, and usefulness. Introduce a chill-out cum relaxing area with comfortable sofas and use light that is pleasant and warm and if possible natural. Don’t put much emphasis on interior design that overwhelms workers.

  • Invest in smart, storage-friendly furniture

Choose furniture that matches the design and provides comfort. Most office designs choose storage-specific furniture for cleaner, neater office floors. Immoderately shiny furniture must be avoided as it can often steer to the incidence of reflected light that strikes off from glossy furniture or walls resulting in strain in the eyes.

Also, the comfort level of the furniture should be a priority because you wouldn’t want your workers to be complaining of body aches.

  • Integrate inspirational quotes in Office Design

By now you must have understood color psychology and how different coloration has the power to conjure up energy, conversation, and happiness. It is safe to say that the vibes of the office depend a lot on design choices. 

If you integrate inspirational quotes in office design then they will be greatly beneficial to workers. Such quotes are quite helpful in generating ideas. Because of good morale and in turn, happy workers can send workers in new directions by presenting the ideas of others.


Choosing the right office interior designers in Bangalore is not an easy task, But we hope, above mentioned office design tips help you in attracting workers from any age group.

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