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You have started your business with passion. And it is important that you get the best service to manage your office space. That is who we are. We share your passion and adore your perseverance. Your Office Interiors – One of the best office interiors designer out of top 10 office interior designers in Bangalore.

We provide turn-key solutions to your office interiors. Starting from planning office space, creating visual models for assessment and overseeing execution till completion, we can take care for you. But that is just a beginning. You are growing and will need vigorous support which we can provide through our continuous maintenance. For all these growth, all you have to do is shake hands with us. We are one of the top 10 office interior designers in Bangalore. Let’s build your empire with passion!

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We believe in your needs. And you get best advices

There is no doubt that you have a vision. We value and respect that the fullest. Your vision with our technical expertise can workout magic together.

At the very beginning itself, we plan our execution. It is necessary to visualize the final outcome before making critical decisions and that is what we do. As one of the top 10 office interior designers in Bangalore we carry you through the whole journey for you to understand even the the minute detail and cherish them. Handing you over the key however is just the beginning for us. Continuous maintenance is a trademark of our firm. We always value your new dreams and comforts…

Our Testimonial

Sunny Mogra [Director]
Sunny Mogra [Director]Address Advisors
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“I must point out the impeccable taste and knowledge of people at YOI. They really know what they are doing and have a total idea how to implement it. I also like the professional approach with which they took the project to completion. YOI’s work is worth being noted.
Rajesh Kumar [Director]
Rajesh Kumar [Director] CNB Logistics
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“I cannot thank enough the people of YOI for the timely completion of our beautiful office interior. The concepts they have brought into our office are spectacular and really inspiring. Amazingly they did the magic at a very low cost on office furniture and materials.”
Mihir Gupta [Director]
Mihir Gupta [Director] Teachmint
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“Without doubt, choosing YOI for our office interiors was one of my best decisions. What attracted me is their passion for work and I trusted that. And it worked perfectly for me. I just had to give my opinion and rest was all taken care of by them. Thanks to YOI for such a spectacular office interior space”
Subhash Choudhary
Subhash ChoudharyCo-Founder at Dukaan
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"It was a great experience working with YOI for our office interior. Designers at YOI not only consider what the office space looks like but also how conveniently we can use it. We are extremely satisfied to see how our office space has turned out and really appreciate the clean implementation of the project
 Bhawana Khetan [Director]
Bhawana Khetan [Director]Restkm
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“With YOI, we were able to set-up a beautiful functional and productive workspace that has won the hearts of our employees as well as anyone who ever visited our office. If I ever must approach anybody for office interiors, YOI will be my primary choice. I recommend the same for you.”
 Anand Sharma [Head Of Finance and Admin]
Anand Sharma [Head Of Finance and Admin] INCREFF
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Happy to write that when we first met the YOI team we knew we had found what we needed: a group of young, enthusiastic, sensitive designers. And also as we soon found talented and efficient. But what impressed us the most was their ability to listen to our story, who we were and what we had in mind for the office. They were from then able to propose a beautiful concept encompassing the essence of our vision. The rest was creativity, talent and hard work with a superb final result. Thanks so much.

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